Happy News

SONY DSCSomething out of Nothing is now on Itunes, Spotify, CDbaby, Reverbnation, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. If you have the cd we would greatly appreciate your review! Our endless thanks to those of you who have supported us. We hope you will share this collection of songs with your circle of friends! We’re offering in return hugs and kisses and long holding. Also free beers and various alcohols if we happen to have them in a cooler with us…which, we might. Sometimes we do have those things along. You guys are the best. For reals. Let’s get together in October for a show. See you then. XOXOXOXO

About elkandboar

We are a band.
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One Response to Happy News

  1. Danny Cox says:

    You guys are so badass. I didn’t even know you guys had an album before “Something Out Of Nothing.” Yay, this means I get to hear even MORE of you guys, which “rocks the lobster.” I just spent some time on your website and watched your videos where I got to listen to “Thief” and “Room to Start.” Is there anyway you can get those songs up on iTunes? That way I can go ahead and pick those up. More Elk and Boar please. :-)

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